Effortlessly track your trades with Swift Journal. Automated performance tracking makes Swift the perfect tool for new traders and professionals alike. Oh.. and connect 2 or more accounts and copy trades between them.. for free.

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Swift supports over 1000 MT4/MT5 brokers and prop firms worldwide.

Connect any and all MT4/MT5 accounts

Effortless tracking with Swift

Get real-time data, <50ms trade copy times and more.

Save time

Why manually enter all your trade data when Swift can automate it instantly?


Access Key Performance Indicators built to help you improve your trading.

Connect any prop firm

Swift Journal supports over 1000 brokers -so you can connect any MT4/5 prop firm* account you have.. and copy between them.

Effortless integration

Setup is simple. Login with your MT4 or MT5 account. Then... oh wait. That's it.

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"But what about my old prop accounts?"

Connect your personal, investor and prop accounts- archive them when you're done and retain the data. Archive as many accounts as you want.. at no extra cost. On us.

Need Funding?

Trade Copying.
Real-Time Data.
Track Records.


Fastest trade copier in the west

Enjoy Swift Journal's premier trade copying service included with every account. With sub 50ms speeds, our copying is... swift. No EA required- All cloud. All Swift.


Trading metrics and more on the way

Swift Journal is packed with the essentials. We don't bloat our product with useless stats for the sake of expanding our features. We are selective with what metrics we bring to the table so you can get straight to the point- finding and sharpening your edge.


Brokers & Prop Firms

We have the largest offering of brokers and prop firms of any other journal. If you have an MT4 or MT5 account, Swift Journal is for you. We support over 1,000 different broker connections and over 50,000 servers worldwide.



If you're running through prop accounts like hot cakes, we got you. Have an old investor account you want to use as a track record or social proof for new investors? We got you. Archive your account and add a new live account at no extra cost. Keep track of your old accounts with ease.

Start using Swift today

Join now and see how easy it is to track, copy, and optimize your trading.

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Take control of your trading with Swift!

Join now and see how easy it is to track, copy, and optimize your trading.


Connect to over 1000 brokers and prop firms.

Automatic tracking

Automatically track your trades, get access to key performance metrics and more.

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Take advantage of Swift's advanced filtering tools.

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Mentor View

Give direct, read-only access and share your progress (coming soon)

Tag your setups

Add tags to all your trades. Use the advanced filter feature to check performance by tag.

Copy Trades

50ms copy times. Connect multiple accounts and copy between them.

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